Elegoo Neptune 4 max cooling fan for modal

7.000 د.ا

  •  the individual fan design and may be as small as 10-14V
  • for 12V units
  • up to 12-56V for 48V units
  • layer fan speed must be increased linearly from 70%
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Elegoo Neptune 4 max cooling fan for modal

4010 Blower Fan: Our 4010  blower fan is designed to provide concentrated airflow to cool the freshly extruded filament, ensuring fast and efficient heat dissipation from your printed models. By rapidly cooling each layer as it is deposited, this reduces the occurrence of filament stringing, sagging, warping, and deforming.

4015 Blower Fan: The primary purpose of the 4015 blower fan is to cool the throat pipe and maintain an optimal temperature for the hot end assembly. It blows cool air directly onto the throat pipe, preventing heat from migrating upwards and affecting the filament before it reaches the nozzle, preventing clogs and prolonging the lifespan of the hot end.

6010 Axial Flow Fan: The axial flow fan (control board cooling fan) in an FDM 3D printer is responsible for cooling the electronics and components on the printer’s control board. It helps maintain a stable temperature and prevents overheating, which could lead to malfunctions or damage to the electronics.

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