AnyCubic Mono M5S PRO resin 3d printer

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  • AnyCubic Mono M5S PRO
  • Printing Size : 200x218x123mm(HWD)
  • 10.1-inch 14K
  • 3X Print Speed Average 105mm/h
  • The 1st Consumer Grade
  • Machine Leveling : Leveling-free
  • Printing Volume :190oz./5.4L
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The Anycubic Photon Mono M5s Pro is a levelling-free resin printer with 14K resolution and a build volume of 223.78 x 126.38 x 200 mm. With fine details, sharp edges and smooth surfaces without layers, the powerful printer guarantees the best printing results!

14K resolution for the smallest details

With a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD display, a 14K resolution (13312 x 5120 pixels) and an XY resolution of 16.8 x 24.8 µm, the Photon Mono M5s Pro achieves unparalleled printing precision. To capture even the smallest details and sharp edges, the uniformity of the light has been improved to an excellent 85%, guaranteeing a breathtaking surface finish.

Air Heater & Purifier

Thanks to a sophisticated Air Heater & Purifier module, air heating and air purification are cleverly combined.

► The powerful 55-watt heater ensures an air temperature of up to 40 °C and ensures that the temperature of the resin rises to over 20 °C before printing so that printing can be carried out successfully even in low-temperature environments.

► A special cleaning module is supported by an activated carbon component to effectively absorb resin odours and create a clean printing environment.

The system cover is made of fireproof material, which ensures safe and long-lasting operation in harsh environments.

Average print speed of 105 mm/h

The Photon Mono M5s Pro prints at an average speed of 105 mm/h. By using a high-speed ACF release film, the release force is effectively reduced, resulting in extremely successful print quality. At the same time, the separation height is reduced and the lift and retract speed is increased.

Levelling-free printing

The resin printer uses floating platform technology combined with internal sensors to provide a levelling-free printing experience. Necessary adjustments are made automatically to eliminate annoying levelling errors.

Smart detection for more printing success

► Resin Residue Detection: Thanks to a mechanical algorithm, resin residues in the resin container are automatically detected to prevent the display from breaking.

► Intelligent Release: Improves success rate and printing speed.

► Device Self-Check: Quick troubleshooting of hardware problems.

► Intelligent monitoring of the entire printing process

► Resin Detection: Before printing starts, it is automatically checked whether the amount of resin in the container meets the printing requirements.

Clear Anycubic app

With the Anycubic app you have access to popular, already sliced models and STLs. With one-touch slicing and Intelligent Task Viewing, every step in the printing process stays under control. A convenient help centre provides user-friendly instructions and solutions to problems.

Other features:

  • Removable cover that effectively protects against UV radiation,
  • Resin container with scale markings,
  • LED matrix UV light source,
  • 4.3” TFT touch screen,
  • Laser engraved build platform made of aluminium alloy,
  • LCD anti-scratch film,
  • Power supply: 110 watts rated power,

Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 200 × 218 × 123 cm
resin Printer

AnyCubic Mono M5S


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